Trampoline history

In the first article of our blog, we will answer your questions about trampoline in brief.

Discover its definition, its history, the 5 reasons to buy a trampoline and its benefits.

Throughout the year, we will share with you our passion for these sports, as well as the products we recommend for the practice of these sports and recreational activities.

What is a trampoline ?

A trampoline is a leisure or competition accessory consisting of a canvas (tarpaulin) stretched tightly and fixed by springs to a rigid frame or chassis. As the canvas is not elastic, it is the springs attached to it that give this bouncing effect. Trampolining has many uses, from recreation to competition and as a form of physical exercise.


What is the origin of the trampoline ? 

The trampoline was invented by the American physical education teacher NISSEN George. Called the bouncing platform, he succeeded in making this leisure accessory with a tarpaulin attached to a square steel frame. A few years later, in 1934, some modifications were made using inner tubes, in order to take advantage of a better rebound. Nowadays, we have replaced this with springs for even more rebound.

A rapid craze

As the craze for his sports activity progressed, in 1937, Georges and two friends had the idea of forming a “tres leonardos” group and travelling all over America. During this trip, as they met during their animations and “rebound shows”, they discovered that the term for their activity existed. In Spanish they use the term “trampolin”. The three partners therefore add an “e” and register the brand. In 1942, back from their tour, the trampoline is very popular, they decide to manufacture trampolines to give access to this activity and to extend its fame beyond the borders. 

Trampoline in history

At the dawn of the Second World War, trampolines came out of the circuses to flood the training camps of the American army.  Thousands of paratroopers will have their jumps made safe by these trampolines and will jump without risk of serious injury in case of bad landings.

Subsequently, astronauts from different countries will resume this type of training, which limits trauma to the bones. 

Consecration for our trio of inventors in 1964 during the world championships in London with the first trampoline event. We will nevertheless have to wait until 2000 and the Sydney Olympics to see this Olympic discipline become an Olympic discipline


What is the difference between springboard and trampoline? 

I’m sure you’ve heard of the springboard. This board connected to springs absorbs your tension during the impulse to give you back this force thanks to springs and thus project you upwards. The term trampoline as we use it nowadays is therefore quite different, it represents the canvas fixed with springs on a metal support. 

In the United States, however, the term springboard is often used to represent a steel frame with a canvas, as this is the translation of bungee trampoline

In English, springboard is more common. 

As a reseller of accessories for trampoline park and amusement activities such as tree climbing, we will use the term trampoline to represent all structures with a bouncing canvas. 

Tout savoir sur l'histoire du trampoline et ses bonnes pratiques

Why buy a trampoline?

The 5 reasons to buy a trampoline for a amusement activity

1) It is a very recreational activity that you can do alone or in a group.

Trampolining is a pleasant activity that trampoline park manufacturers and designers recommend doing one at a time and wearing trampoline socks. Taking turns jumping on the canvas is safer but does not prevent you from sharing these jumping moments with others.

2) More than just a simple bounce, many more games and accessories

The activity alone is fun, but for several years new games have been available on your trampolines. Dodgeball for example is a dodgeball on a trampoline. You will also be able to do other activities such as basketball, football or multiply jumps with accessories. All these games are often to be found in a trampoline park.

3) Trampolining can be an outdoor activity

Let your children get active on trampolines. Far away from video games and telephones, your children will rediscover a taste for sports with their friends. By spending all that energy on these jumping canvases, your children will release their stress and stay calmer.

4) The trampoline has unknown virtues

In trampoline park or in your garden, the benefits on your health are numerous. Here are a few examples

5) It is an activity for all ages

For the whole family. Jumps are considered non-traumatic for your joints, so don’t hesitate to make trampolines your favourite leisure activity. Adult and child, share this moment on a trampoline adapted to your needs. Neither too small, nor too big and in a clear space, so that you can make jumps without any risk of heavy falls.

We remind you that this activity sometimes involves risks and that is why it is essential to choose the right equipment and accessories, such as trampoline socks.

chaussette de trampoline pour ne pas glisser pendant vos sauts et activités de loisirs
chaussette de trampoline pour ne pas glisser pendant vos sauts et activités de loisirs

What are the benefits of trampolining ? 

The benefits of trampolining for your health. Many benefits that you probably don’t know about: 

  • Reduces stress and regulates your emotions 
  • Contributes to better mental and physical performance 
  • Burn up to 1,000 calories in 1 hour and have fun! 
  • Increases lymphatic flow and helps cellulite to disappear
  • Very good stimulant for relaxation and balance.
  • Is far less traumatic to your bones than jogging. 

How to choose a trampoline?   

You are finally decided to buy a trampoline, we save you time. 5 aspects to consider when buying a trampoline : 

  1. If the location is proportionate  
  2. User profile 
  3. The shape of your trampoline 
  4. Additional safety accessories (trampoline socks, threads, etc.
  5. The quality of the finishes desired 

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