Trampoline accessories

Trampoline Accessories

There are many types of accessories for trampolines. Although none of them are essential to purchase, some are highly recommended as they will extend the life of the trampolines or ensure greater safety in their use.

Other accessories will allow you to get the most out of your trampoline by allowing you to enjoy different types of play. Some of the accessories can be included as a pack with the trampoline. In this case they are cheaper than if they were purchased separately and can be a great opportunity to buy a more complete trampoline.

Protective Trampoline Accessories  :

These accessories are designed to extend the life of the trampoline by protecting it from bad weather. In extreme climates, if the trampoline must always be placed outdoors, it is advisable to purchase one of these items.

Protective Cover :

It is used to effectively protect the trampoline from external elements and thus prolong its life. Although it is mainly used in winter, it is also very useful in summer as it protects the jumping mat from the extremely strong UV rays at this time of the year. Practically all manufacturers offer this accessory.

Protective Skirt or Back Mesh:

This is a net that is placed under the trampoline and prevents access to the area under the jumping mat. It does not prevent visibility through the skirt, so you can check that no animals, people or objects have slipped under the trampoline. Most skirts have a pocket to store the items you want. This pocket is very useful for storing shoes or objects that are not recommended to be worn when jumping on a trampoline.

This type of accessory is offered by the most specialized brands in trampolines.


Roof Or Awning:

It is mainly used to shade the trampoline during the summer months as well as to protect the tarpaulin from jumping leaves or branches. It will also be used to protect the tarp from rain, although the roof cover should be checked as it may not be waterproof. The roof does not replace the protective cover. In case of strong wind or storm, it is advisable to store the roof to avoid problems with the roof covering.

The roof is an accessory that few brands of trampolines have.

Safety Trampoline Accessories :

This type of accessory will make it safer to jump on or access a trampoline tarp.

Trampoline Ladder :

This is a very handy accessory because it allows you to climb onto the trampoline easily and quickly. It is especially useful for large trampolines with a higher trampoline height. This accessory is often included.

All manufacturers have ladders for their outdoor trampolines.

Fastening Kit or Anchor Set:

It is used to securely fix the trampoline and its structure to the ground. It is recommended to hold the trampoline firmly in areas exposed to strong winds. Underground trampolines also have this fixing kit. All manufacturers have anchor kits and many sell them even with trampolines.

Anti Slip Trampoline Pads :

They are useful when the trampoline is placed on a slippery surface (such as a patio) as they improve stability. However, this is not a very common accessory for manufacturers.

Weighing Bag :

It serves to better secure the anchorage of the garden trampoline, preventing it from moving. It is usually filled with sand or water. It is a simple and economical system to provide extra support.


By placing a small mat at the entrance of the trampoline, the jumper will not be able to step on it or even get stuck. Therefore, some trampoline manufacturers have also designed specific mats for this jumping equipment.

Storage Bag for Shoes and Other Items:

Although it is not a safety accessory as such, it keeps the trampoline area tidy. In this handy bag you can store jumpers’ shoes, jackets or other items.


If you also want to bounce on the trampoline and even when it’s dark, some lights will be fine. This accessory will create an environment where, in addition to bouncing, children can use the trampoline to tell stories or play games at night. Some stores like Decathlon or Intersport have LED lights to place on the posts of their trampolines. They are powered by solar energy, so during the day they are charged and provide power to the LEDs at night. In addition, you can choose a fixed tone or changing colours.

However, these safety accessories will be of no use if the trampoline is not used properly. Just follow a few simple safety tips or recommendations to allow you to enjoy the activity without causing incidents or injuries.

Trampoline Socks :

This is the last safety accessory we recommend. Socks with spikes or silicone are very useful to avoid slipping on the canvas.

Find models of anti-slip socks for trampoline park on the Stork website. Grouped shopping site for leisure professionals, this French brand offers a range of different equipment for amusement parks, trampolines or even for tree top aventure park.

Although they are not exactly a trampoline accessory, non-slip socks are a very useful item for trampoline users. They allow you to jump safely and comfortably. In addition, this type of sock is also very useful for activities (pilates, yoga, martial arts, fitness, etc.).

Play Trampoline Accessories :

various games. While for some games, all that is needed is ingenuity and creativity, for others it is necessary to attach some sort of simple accessory, such as a target, basketball basket, freestyle board, game blanket, etc.

These games have often inspired trampoline parks, which today offer a complete and very safe offer.

Find other blog posts about trampolines or sports activities on our blog. We will talk to you, accrobranche, trampoline park or advertising objects. So if you also want to develop your leisure activities, go to our Site.

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