Trampoline socks

Trampoline socks Pro

The PRO trampoline grip sock model is 100% customizable. This quality range will allow you to promote your park but also to ensure the safety of your customers.

  • High Sleeves
  • Sleeve compression band
  • Reinforcement points at the ankles
  • Compression bandage on the sole of the foot
  • Tighter and stronger weave
  • Personalized anti-slip gel on the sole
  • Custom design and logo

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Description of the pro trampoline sock

The pro grip custom sock is the most widely used model in park trampolines. With a mid-high cut that stops above the ankles, these jumping socks are perfectly adapted to the different levels of your users.

Thanks to a reinforced mesh and additional tightening bands, enjoy a high quality and 100% customizable socks.

Opt for originality by customizing your models with our teams of active leisure professionals at an exceptional price.

Thanks to group purchases, enjoy a single price regardless of quantity. Stork is the first and only company that saves you money every year.

Which model of sock for my park?

At Stork, we strive to select the best products on the market today and we can guarantee this. The pro grip sock is a high quality product. With a thick mesh and good ankle height, you will maintain maximum stability. Perfect for yoga and gyms

Three reinforcement and compression zones are to be observed. The first one is the upper one, above the ankle, allowing jumpers not to lose your socks when jumping or moving between different play areas. The second, on the flat of the foot, provides tonic support for the arch of the foot and limits the effect of friction. The third one, on the flat of the foot, provides a good support for the toes and limits over tension.

This model is available in several materials. Natural or synthetic fibre.

Contrary to some brands, we are listening to your problems and we refrain from providing you with poor quality models by telling you that this product is made for you. Various articles on adherent sock materials are available and you can easily check that cotton is not always the most suitable for sports activities.

We therefore advise you to use a sock made of synthetic fibres. This material allows the foot to breathe, reduces the risk of irritation and is in many other respects the ideal material for your sportsmen and women.

Which size to choose for your trampoline socks ?

It is a recurring question at the beginning of your activity to find the ideal trampoline sock and we are here to answer it. With many years of experience, our team remains at your disposal to define with you, thanks to our size guides and statistics, a perfect sample to fit your needs as closely as possible.

What stock of socks to make ?

No longer afraid to run out and tie up too much cash. Our team will work with you to define with you the optimum stock and the number of restocking we will do.

Don’t wait any longer to order your trampoline socks.

What's the price for grip socks ?

This is where we make the difference in addition to our product quality. At Stork, by opting for our group buying solution you benefit from a single price on your customised sock models, regardless of the quantity.

It’s very simple, we give you a guaranteed low price when you sign up and with each additional order from your peers over your period, this price automatically drops. 90 days before your delivery, we will send you your final price revised downwards to our great pleasure.

This collaborative purchasing solution puts your parks and your development back at the heart of the project. For a greener and more responsible economy, we make the winning bet of redistribution. Don’t wait any longer to share your good Stork plan by becoming an actor in your purchasing. Reduce your bill immediately by sharing this 100% free and anonymous new product with your friends and family.

Many services offered

In addition to our group purchasing solution, take advantage of the expertise of leisure professionals.

From the creation of your sock designs to your delivery, via our exchanges of experience for the launch of a trampoline park, our teams will accompany you throughout your steps and your development.

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