Recycled foam cubes

Recycled foam cubes

Find our range of cubes for your pits and foam trays.

  • Grey color
  • 26x25x29 cm
  • 39x25x29 cm
  • High resistance
  • Made in France

Specially developed for intensive use in your trampoline park, our product is randomly cut in two sizes to ensure better mixing in your pit.

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Description of Recycled foam cube for trampoline park

Leader on the prices thanks to our solution of grouped purchases for the professionals of the trampoline activity, we offer you today an essential product for your sport activity. Trampoline park foam blocks are essential to ensure safety in your park. Ideal for gym and jumping pits, this product is present in a large number of parks.

Made in France in our factory, our cubes are made of 100% recycled foam. This foam comes from the recycling of mattresses for climbing gym, trampoline park or accrobranche adventure park.

With more than 20 years of experience in trampoline park design, our partner will meet your requirements with a high-end product at grouped prices.

Which foam blocks for your park ?

Several kinds of foam cubes are available for trampoline parks and gyms. Color, shape, size, weight, everything is possible. At Stork, we recommend 3 models. Our French products, recycled products and colorful blocks. Our models are randomly cut in two sizes to facilitate the mixing of your pit. Used in a large number of trampoline park, our product is a reference.

Support the local economy and our collaborative and greener solution.

How much do trampoline foam blocks cost ?

Thanks to our group purchasing solution, take advantage of exceptional discounts all year round. Up to 70% savings observed. Sold by M3, we are the quality and price reference for trampoline parks and gyms. Don’t wait to contact us. Saving money has never been easier.

How are my foam cubes made ?

In collaboration with one of the leading manufacturer of protective foam for adventure park, ski resort, accrobranche and trampoline park, we now offer 100% French pit blocks. Recycled and cut in our factory, we manage the whole process from design to delivery. Make the choice of quality at grouped prices.

When to order trampoline pit blocks ?

Every year, your pits lose density and height. This is due to the number of jumps but also and above all to the quality of your trampoline consumables. Indeed, poor quality and too small cubes break easily and pile up at the bottom of the pit. Opt for trampoline blocks of different sizes to promote mixing and choose quality trampoline products so that they do not break.

It is recommended that the cubes protrude from the foam pit.

How to clean a foam pit ?

To ensure the hygiene in a trampoline park, we advise you to maintain your foam block pit. For your safety and that of your jumpers, empty your tray completely 3 times a year. Vacuum and clean the bottom and walls. Put aside broken cubes, which you can put back in the bottom and throw away when the wear is too high. Do not allow dust and bacteria to accumulate.

Monitor the height of the blocks and order your foam.

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