Foam blocks France

Foam blocks France

Find our range of blocks, cubes for your park and foam pits.

  • Grey color
  • 26x25x29 cm
  • 39x25x29 cm
  • High resistance
  • Made in France

Specially developed for intensive use in your trampoline park, our product is randomly cut in two sizes to ensure better mixing in your pit.

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Description of the foam blocks France

Made in France, our cubes for trampoline foam pits and gymnasiums are the quality reference for your park. Available in several sizes to facilitate the mixing of your reception area, we offer you a group purchase solution to take advantage of the best prices. Up to 70% cheaper than our competitors, don’t wait any longer to place your order.

With more than 10 years of experience in the sport industry, our team of trampoline professionals will answer all your questions. Don’t wait any longer, it has never been easier to save money.

How to choose your foam blocks ?

Essential to ensure the safety of your customers, it is essential to carefully choose your cube supplier for your trampoline reception area. Like all other sport center consumables, there are different qualities of foams. A good foam is easily recognizable because it will break less quickly. Opt for different sizes of cubes to promote the mixing of your pit.

Our products are guaranteed and will allow you to reduce the number of orders thanks to the good density and quality of our products. With more than 10 years of experience in the production of safety mattresses and foam, you will find our products in hundreds of parks. Don’t wait any longer and choose quality products at unbeatable prices.

How much does an M3 of foam blocks cost ?

With our trampoline park and gym group buying solution, you can find these products up to 70% cheaper than our competitors. Choose quality products at grouped prices. Don’t wait any longer to choose our ecological solution, made in France and at unbeatable prices. Our team remains at your disposal to finalize your order.

How is the foam pit cube made ?

Our block is made in France in our factory. We take care of cutting, packing and shipping. Make the choice of quality for your trampoline park. 100% recyclable, our protective foams are processed at our partners to be able to manufacture new park supplies such as climbing reception mats, adventure park protection foams or trampoline park protections.

Choose French products at unbeatable prices thanks to our group purchase solution. Don’t wait any longer to save money

When to order blocks for your foam pit ?

With wear and tear, your trampoline and gymnastics pits will lose volume. The main reasons are, the quality of your foam and the number of customers. To save money and not fill your reception area every year, please make sure to choose your cubes carefully. They must be solid and have a good density. If they break too quickly, refill your bin and leave the lower quality cubes at the bottom.

To make mixing easier, we advise you to choose different sizes of foam. The cubes do not exert the same pressure on each other, so you will lose volume less quickly.

At Stork, we offer a high quality, randomly cut trampoline range made in France to give you the best product on the market at an unbeatable price.

How do you clean your gym pit ?

For hygiene and safety in your park, we advise you to empty your foam pit at least 3 times a year. Once emptied of its blocks, vacuum the bottom, clean the walls, and disinfect the drop zone. You can take advantage of this cleaning to inspect the state of your cubes and make the sorting. Put the broken blocks at the bottom and fill your pit. If the foam is not minimum on your trampolines, order new cubes for more volume.

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