Coloured foam blocks

Coloured foam blocks

Find our range of cubes for your park and foam pits. Exclusive price for your foam blocks

  • Grey color
  • 26x25x29 cm
  • 39x25x29 cm
  • High resistance
  • Made in France
  • Sale to M3

Specially developed for intensive use in your trampoline park, our product is randomly cut in two sizes to ensure better mixing in your pit.

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Description of the colored foam blocks for trampoline

Bestseller in trampoline park and gymnasium, we offer high quality products for your park and reception pit. Cut into several sizes for better mixing, our leisure products will satisfy you with their unrivalled quality. Present in the majority of parks in the world, we guarantee a grouped price for a quality of reference.

Made in Europe, our cubes are available in several colors to match your park. Don’t wait any longer to change your damaged cubes and plan your purchases to take advantage of the best price.

How to choose your pit foam cubes ?

To ensure the safety of your customers, make sure you choose quality and adapted to your activity. Different types of foams exist and that is why you must be concerned about quality. Thanks to our engineering department and more than 10 years of experience in trampoline, our products are used in more than a hundred parks.

Don’t wait any longer to save money on quality and durable products.

How do I know if my trampoline park blocks are of good quality ?

In addition to all the mandatory certifications required to certify foam quality, you will be able to easily recognize if your foam is of quality. If your cubes break and tear, unfortunately you will have to change them more often. To avoid this, please choose a high quality product and opt for our group purchase solution of trampoline park and gym foam cubes.

Why buy as a group ?

Save money by opting for an ecological and collaborative solution. We offer you Made In France products at unbeatable prices. Do not hesitate to contact us to finalize your order. Up to 70% cheaper than our colleagues.

How much foam block for my trampoline park ?

Each year your pits will lose several centimeters of moss height. The more the passage is important and the more the moss collapses. Depending on this height and the size of your space, we will give you the number of M3 missing.

How do I clean my foam pit ?

We advise you to completely empty your jump spaces 3 times a year to sort out the broken blocks and to vacuum the dust at the bottom of your pit. For hygienic reasons, it is advisable to spray a disinfectant solution on all your foam and on your receiving pit. Remove all damaged blocks and place them at the bottom and discard any foam that is too damaged to be reused. After each cleaning and stirring, check the height and recommend your trampoline and gym consumables if necessary

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