Treetop adventure park mattress

Treetop adventure park mattress

New, for your adventure parks and treetop, take advantage of our range of protective mattresses.

Made in France
PVC finish 680G/M².
PU foam finish 24KG/M3
Fixing bib
Fixing eyelets
Choice of color possible
Customization with logo possible
Custom cutting possible

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Description of the tree climbing mattress

To ensure safety in your parks we offer a range of mattresses for your tree climbing. Manufactured in France all our protections will meet your expectations and we guarantee a quality of reference in the PAH security industry. Standardized, our mattresses will adapt to all your workshops, trees and platforms.

Protect your customers from accidents and scratches with a tree protection with a 24kg /m3 density foam. Our PVC coverings available in several colors has fixing eyelets to fit all your platforms.

Thanks to our group purchasing solution, save money all year round. Up to 70% cheaper than our colleagues for the same products.

How are your adventure park mattresses made?

Contrary to the majority of the brands you know, all our products are 100% French. Cutting, transformation, sewing, welding, flocking, recycling, choose a local economy at unbeatable prices. With 20 years of experience in outdoor safety equipment and climbing halls, our teams and partners will find the ideal product for your tree climbing park and adventure park. Our professionals in the field of leisure facilities and adventure park mattress manufacturer are available to answer your questions.

What price for my protection mattresses ?

With several hundred partners, we offer you a collaborative, grouped purchasing solution that is more responsible and very economical. By opting for stork’s group purchasing solution, you benefit from exceptional discounts and adventure products of equal or superior quality. Up to 70% less expensive than our colleagues for the same products. Don’t wait any longer to make savings and don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information.

Why buy as a group?

This collaborative solution allows you to produce your PAH products in a more responsible way by planning and limiting the number of merchandise shipments. Positive leverage of these actions, the price decreases with volume. At Stork, we redistribute these savings directly to the accrobranche parks so that you can benefit from the best rates on quality accrobranche products.

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Recycle your old mattresses

We offer a recycling solution for your treetop protection mattresses. The vast majority will be treated and reconditioned in our sorting centers. Once neutral, your old mattresses will find their way back to your parks in the form of platform mattresses, reception mats or gym protection.

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