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Description of the category mattresses and protections for treetop adventure park

Protections PAH, adventure park and adventure courses, with more than 10 years of experience, our Made In France products are at unbeatable prices. Protect your users with quality products at bundled prices.

Find our range of protections for trees, zip line and treetop adventure platform.

Equipment manufacturer for amusement parks for many years, take advantage of our expertise and that of our partner TYYNY.


Tree climbing mattress

Thicker, the adventure mattresses protect from major shocks. Used to slow down your users or to protect your trees, TYYNY mattresses are made in France.

Eco mattress :

Exclusive to STORK and TYNNY. Recycle your old mattresses and give them a second life.

In our eco-responsible and collaborative logic, we are happy to offer you the possibility to recycle your old mattresses and protective foams to transform them into Eco mattresses for tree climbing. These 95% recyclable models will seduce you and fully meet your expectations.


Preformed protective foam

Ideal to isolate your trees and fences, our protective foam models are perfect to protect your users and your trees. Find our different sizes of mattresses


Platform foam protection

Essential to protect your customers, the protections for treetop structure are available at grouped prices.


Reception mattress

Ideal at the end of a zip line or at the exit of a rope ladder, mats and mattresses are indispensable in your park. Take advantage of our exceptional offers.

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