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Emblem of the trampoline park, the grip sock is nowadays essential for the safety of your jumpers. In recent years, we have observed a decrease in the number of incidents and a regain of confidence among participants and above all parents. This is due to several factors, the evolution of safety standards affecting this new jumping activity, but also thanks to the evolution of materials and experience of park manufacturers.

You had surely already observed the increasing numbers of articles answering the question of the accident in the trampoline park. Many solutions are being brought and experimented to contain this, even if the activity remains at risk.

Mandatory in the majority of parks, for several years, to prevent the risk of accidents, falls, slips, its customizable anti-slip strips also have many other advantages.
It has also become a good communication asset. This product benefits your brand image and reinforces the notoriety of your leisure centres. If you don’t have your models yet, don’t wait any longer to choose the trampoline socks of your choice.
Our Made in France team will be pleased to accompany you in your project and meet all your expectations. The price, the model, the design, we are here to answer each of your questions.

Do you already have an iconic model? With more than 5,000 references from our partners, we surely already have yours, so don’t wait any longer to send us your model and you will receive the same products, but cheaper.

Why cheaper?
Because thanks to your new platform of grouped purchases, you benefit from a price per lot. No matter what your quantities are, the price is the same. We allow you to benefit from exceptional discounts on your non-slip socks all year round thanks to this new solution.

Choose your model and don’t wait any longer

Trampoline Sock Pro :

Bestsellers in park trampolines, the pro grip sock is the model most often used in parks. This promotional accessory has a reinforced heel, a raised sleeve and a thicker non-slip gel. The mix of polycotton material ensures great comfort and limits perspiration and odours.

Find this product at grouped prices. Don’t wait any longer to ask for your free prototype.


GREEN sock :

Organic cotton, recycled cotton, untreated polycotton, this is the new stork. Enjoy your GREEN model. In addition to choosing for a more ecological and collaborative purchasing solution, order now socks respecting our GREEN STORK charter.

Ecology can also rhyme with price. Find our range at record prices. Don’t wait any longer to ask for your quote.


Slim trampoline sock :

This low waist model is ideal for gyms, gymnastics and yoga centers. Excellent advertising product, the low price trampoline sock allows parks to make important profits on resale.


Crew trampoline socks :

Enjoy a unique model. 100% customizable. Differentiate yourself from other parks with a model with a mid-high cut.


Standard socks :

You want to change your sock and be delivered quickly? We offer you a range of high performance socks at a low price. Our grip model is available in several colours and always at grouped prices.


Inflatable park socks :

Very present in the inflatable parks, our model of sock personalized for playgrounds is proposed at record price. Ideal for outdoor activities, our model is reinforced. Don’t wait any longer to increase your profits and ensure good hygiene in your inflatable parks.


Playground socks :

Our trampoline model for playgrounds is unique. Specially created to ensure safety and hygiene, we have several children’s sizes. Essential for your activities, Stork is committed to giving you the best prices on the market.


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