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Zip Line Aventures Gloves

The S06 reinforced accrobranche glove is a model available in children’s and adult sizes….

Adventure Park Gloves S09

This glove for adventure park, customizable, is available in child size….

Trampoline Grip Socks Pro

Mid-high cut.The Pro non-slip, trampoline socks will keep all the necessary elasticity…

Trampoline Park Socks Crew

Models of performance trampoline socks, higher with good grip and customized…

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Our Amusement Park Supplies Categories

Indispensable products.

Trampoline Park Socks

Accessories and supplies for trampoline park. Find all our models of anti-slip socks for your amusement park.

Adventure Park Gloves

Find many supplies for adventure parks.Customizable gloves for children and adults. All the accessories for climbing.

Promotional items And Gifts

Promotional items and personalized gifts. Take advantage of quality products for the promotion of your amusement and trampoline park.

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Our best sellers for amusement and trampoline park

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all-inclusive service. customization, group buying, delivery, tracking. Everything is free.


3. Environmentally friendly.

As a group, we reduce our ecological impact.

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Our concept and engagement

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Our Concept

Ordering quality products at the best prices is everyone’s dream, at Stork we do more than that.

We are committed to supporting you in the development of your parks, and we have created an ecosystem that is more ethical, more eco-friendly and, above all, much more economical for you.

These three factors have led us to create the first group purchasing service for leisure professionals.

The principle is simple, an identical price regardless of your quantity, based on the overall volume of the order.

Group buying is the choice of transparency. Because it is for us the very basis of a beautiful collaboration. You benefit from the savings made on transport, handling and production.

Don’t listen any more to what our colleagues may invent to justify their prices of the last few years and their sudden falls. Join this great adventure and let the prices of your products fall, day after day.


A word from our president

“Passionate about sport and nature, the creation of the Stork group was a natural consequence of my encounters and years spent at your side.

From being an athlete to being in charge of the commercial development of various trampoline parks and amusement parks that you all know, I have only noticed the monopoly of certain brands and our difficulty in finding quality products at a fairer price, allowing our parks to generate additional profit, which is essential for the proper development of our amusement center.

Based on this observation, the adventure had begun towards group purchasing.

We are proud that this model now allows hundreds of parks to reduce their purchase prices, order after order, and we hope that this collaborative and greener system will leave its mark on the landscape of amusement in the years to come.”

They trust us

Some testimonials.

Surprising concept at first

“Surprising concept at first, but good product and nice team. Price much lower than others for exactly the same socks. I recommend.”

~ Bejump ~


“Quality products and very reasonable prices! A top experience and a very fast contact. I highly recommend. The tree climbing gloves are a perfect match for our expectations and requirements.”

~ Accro’aventures ~

Great experience

“Great experience. Reactive and efficient team. I ordered from them for the first time last September and thanks to their work I was able to save a lot of money on my socks purchases. The purchasing and delivery process went smoothly and the quality of the products is the same as my previous suppliers, although much more expensive. Thank you very much.”

~ Ben ~

Top !

“First order of children’s gloves went very well. Available + reliable. Top!”

~ Valentin Accrob ~

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